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We now offer UV Printing! Come see us for your corporate swag needs!
We now offer UV Printing! Come see us for your corporate swag needs!

Personalized Family Name Sign Wall Art - Ocean Dock at Sunset Canvas

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$18.95 - $189.95
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  • Dramatic Sky: Customizable Sunset Ocean Memorial Canvas Art

    Capture the serenity of cherished memories with our Personalized Sunset Ocean Memorial Canvas. With digitally engraved wooden signs featuring a breathtaking sunset over the ocean and an old wooden dock reaching towards the golden horizon, personalize this canvas with names, dates, and a special touch—ideal for creating a tranquil and meaningful memorial. The ocean's beauty, paired with the warmth of the sunset, makes this canvas a timeless expression of remembrance that goes beyond, turning moments into everlasting whispers of love and tranquility.


    • Sizes ranging from 5x7" to 32x48" for the perfect fit in any space.
    • Personalize the wood sign with your choice of 1-9 wood planks.
    • Choose between a timeless black and white or a vibrant full-color canvas.
    • High-quality gallery-wrapped canvas for a sleek and contemporary look.
    • Perfect for adding a touch of Kansas farm beauty to your home or office.

    Why Choose Our Personalized Canvas: Elevate your decor with a unique piece that reflects your style and personality. Our Personalized Golden Hour Field Canvas Wall Art is available in large and extra-large sizes, ensuring a statement piece that captivates attention. The customization options allow you to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that complements your aesthetic.

    Ideal for Large Spaces: Searching for large or extra-large canvases to fill expansive walls? Look no further. Our canvas sizes, including the sought-after 32x48", make a bold statement in living rooms, bedrooms, offices, or any area that demands attention.

    Color Options to Suit Your Style: Whether you prefer the classic allure of black and white or the vibrancy of full color, our canvas art allows you to tailor the piece to match your existing decor. Enhance the ambiance of your space with the warm tones of the golden hour captured in this stunning artwork.

    Easy to Hang and Display: Our gallery-wrapped canvas is ready to hang, providing a hassle-free and seamless display. Bring the beauty of nature into your surroundings effortlessly with this meticulously crafted wall art.

    Transform your space with the timeless charm of the Personalized Golden Hour Field Canvas Wall Art. Choose the perfect size and color to complement your decor and make a statement that lasts. Elevate your surroundings with this customizable masterpiece today.

  • Materials

    • Premium heavy-weight canvas fabric (310 gsm, 16mil)
    • Satin finish, oxford weave, 35% cotton / 65% poly canvas
    • Quality Canon ink and state-of-the-art professional photo printers deliver deep, rich prints with beautiful resolution.
    Hand stretched gallery wrapped  canvases are 1.5 inches deep


    • Ready-to-hang with just a nail - no mounting hardware necessary. If you prefer a sawtooth hanger, just add a note to your order and we'll add at no charge.
    • Premium 1.5" deep frames add a luxury touch
    • Hand stretched to ensure a tight wrap (no sagging)
    Our canvas wall art is hand stretched.

    Made in the USA

    • Custom-milled wood from Kentucky
    • Texas-based canvas roll manufacturer
    • Wichita, Kansas frame shop builds frames and prints/stretches canvas.
    • Wichita metro-area art and design team
    We make all our canvas frames in our Kansas frame shop

    How many wood sign planks can I add to my canvas wall art?

    • Online design tool: 0-9
    • Message us: Up to 15 on some artwork

    Can I use my own photo as a background with your wood sign?

    • Professional photos: Yes, if you took it. If it's from a photographer, we require a release to be able to print it.
    • Cell phone photos / Facebook photos: Maybe, depending on the canvas size. If it's a sentimental photo and it just HAS to be that exact photo and you don't have any options for better resolution, we can add a "watercolor" or "oil-painting" effect to it so instead of being pixelated, it becomes a beautiful piece of digitally-painted art.
    • Photos need to be at least 150 dpi at the size they will be printed to look nice. We prefer 300 dpi if available.

    How long does it take to make my order?

    • Artwork: 1-3 business days
    • Production: 1-4 business days

    How long does it take to receive my order?

    • Pickup: Ready after art & production (1-7 business days)
    • Shipped items: Shipping adds an additional 1-6 days after art & production are finished.
    • If you are on a deadline, CONTACT US BEFORE ORDERING so we can let you know if we can meet your deadline or if you will need up upgrade shipping.

    What's the difference between Wichita Gift Co canvas and the $24.99 specials I see online?

    • We use thick cotton/poly canvas instead of cheap, thin 100% poly canvas. Online, you can't really tell the difference from photos, but in person, there is a noticeable quality difference.
    • We use professional Canon photo printers designed to deliver crisp resolution and perfect color. It's slower and more expensive than the canvas mass-producers offering cheap prints, but the quality difference is huge.
    • We don't use offshore labor to do our art or prints, and we don't import raw materials. Our raw materials are made in the USA. We support domestic families and companies as much as possible.
    • We care. We know you work hard for your money (we do too) and it's important to us that you love your order. It won't leave our shop unless we think it's perfect.
  • What are some ideas for customizable canvas wall art with multi-name wood signs?

    • Personalized canvas wall art is a perfect gift for any occasion and any gift recipient, especially someone who has everything. (They don't have this!)
    • Our online tool lets you add up to 10 sign planks. Need more? Just ask. (Once you get to about 15, it starts looking kind of cluttered - we can add a quote directly to the art instead of you prefer)

    Personalized Mother's Day Gifts / Father's Day Ideas

    • Add the kids names to any of our wood directional signs for a great unique personalized Mother's Day gift for mom, grandma, daughter, or sister.
    • You're not limited to just names. Add a note or short quote using a couple of planks.
    • If your family is missing a member, we have beautiful memorial elements you can add to any sign plank, whether cardinals, butterflies, dragonflies, or hummingbirds are most meaningful to your family.
    • You can even add paw prints next to the names of your furry family members.

    Unique Wedding Gifts for Bride and Groom

    • Add the couple's last name and first names with an "established" or "since" date.

    Custom Anniversary Gifts

    • Use our wedding idea above, but add children or pets below the "established" plank.

    Customizable Retirement Wall Art

    • The wood planks on our signs are a beautiful way to add a heartfelt message to beautiful art to show the retiree how much they mean to you and how much they will be missed.

    Keepsake Memorial Sympathy Gifts

    • The loss of a loved one is such a difficult time, and whether you are trying to comfort their grief right after the loss, near a milestone date, or during the holiday season, sometimes you don't have access to a nice photo of their loved one but want to create something beautiful for their home. Our canvas wall art is a tasteful, subtle way to remember those loved and lost.
    • We have added the ability to add cardinals, hummingbirds, dragonflies, and butterflies into the scene for a low-key, elegant solution to incorporate these meaningful symbols into your personalized art.

    Unique Nursery Decor

    • Want something that grows with your child? Add their name, birth stats, GPS location of their birth, etc. to a wooden signpost with your choice of hundreds of tasteful backgrounds that match any room decor for a birth announcement that doesn't need to be taken down when your babe outgrows the cutesy nursery decor.

    Custom Graduation Gift

    • Your graduate is going out into the world, hopefully listening to the guidance you've tried to instill in them during the last 2 decades. What could be more fitting as they embark on a new direction than a custom digitally carved sign post with your inspirational words to guide them to hang in their dorm room or new apartment.

    Personalized Home Decor & Housewarming Gift

    • Nothing adds a touch of home more than personalized wall decor with the family members names on it. No occasion necessary to hang out gorgeous art in your family room.

    Realtor Gifts

    • Looking for something that's NOT a cutting board or the standard gifts realtors give out? Add their names and new address GPS coordinates for a unique gift, and we can even print your company contact info on the back. Even though they will never forget YOU, they may not have your contact info handy. Here's a way to make sure it's never more than a few feet from them any time they are home.

  • Using our Online Design Tool

     Create a preview of your artwork before you buy. Our online personalization tool may take a few seconds to load. Please wait for the "add to cart" button to change to green "personalize", then click to design your art. Occasionally the server gets busy and it takes a moment for the tool  to load. Each step below may take a bit to load, so please be patient.

    As you are designing, keep in mind the art you create is NOT the final product.

    Online design tools aren't powerful enough to add the nuances that create truly remarkable art with realistic shading, shadows, and ambient lighting. Most personalized canvas companies just use the art you create and call it good. We don't. Our artists use your creation as a guideline for fonts, element placement, and color choice, but then they add their touch to make sure it's perfect - service that you just won't find anywhere else.

    1. From the main product page, you may have to wait for just a moment for our online design tool to load. The white "add to cart" button will turn to a green "Personalize" Button when it's ready.
    2. Click personalize.
    3. Choose color or black & white print by clicking the appropriate icon.
    4. Choose number of sign planks from the drop-down. If you choose zero, you will receive a canvas with just the scenery, no signs. If you need more than 10, when you choose that option, a box will pop up for you to write instructions in.
    5. Pick a font for the sign. Once you click, the font will be displayed on the sign.
    6. Add Cardinal, Dragonflies, Butterflies, Hummingbirds to each plank by choosing the appropriate option under "Add Memorial Elements". Choose "no" if you don't want them. If selected, icons will pop up with a small preview of each option.
      • Cardinals can only be added to top sign. Choose male, female, or both. If you need 2 males or 2 females, please message us.
      • Butterflies, dragonflies, and hummingbirds can be added to left side, right side, or both.
      • By selecting "Add Cardinals + Others" you can add cardinals to the top sign and other critters to lower signs.
      • If you choose an option other than just cardinals, there will be an option under each sign plank text field to add a critter to that plank.
      • If you don't like the automatic placement, please leave us a note by choosing the note option in the "I've proof-read my art" drop-down at the end of the form and we will move it for you.
    7. Add Text to each sign. You can add names, quotes, GPS coordinates, or more. If your text gets cut off, use the "I've proofread my art" drop-down at the bottom to add a note to let us know what we need to add.

    Adding Special Sign Characters

    We've created our own versions of our most popular fonts to replace a few standard keyboard characters with the most requested sign characters.

    It's as simple as typing a character to get these on your design.

    Paw Print
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