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We now offer UV Printing! Come see us for your corporate swag needs!
We now offer UV Printing! Come see us for your corporate swag needs!

About Us

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  • Welcome to Our Personalized Gift Company!

    Thank you so much for stopping by our shop! We love reading company origin stories (and we also realize that not everyone you find online is a "real" company), so we want to share the story behind how we hung up our shingle. Scroll to the bottom of the page to meet our staff!

    Personalized gifts say, "I care. I thought about you today. You matter. I love you". Wichita Gift Co. creates quality custom gifts to celebrate life and love or to comfort loss.

    Whatever we're making for you, we're here to help you convey your feelings when words alone sometimes fall short. The most beautiful thing we've witnessed in our years doing what we do is that when you share your emotions, love is multiplied, but pain is divided.

    We get great personal satisfaction helping you share a little piece of  yourself with your loved ones by creating a gift just for them. We can help you:

    • Design a sentimental blanket for grandma to offer a warm hug when you can't be there to do it in person
    • Personalize a sarcastic or funny tumbler to cheer up your BFF when she finally dumps that loser
    • Slap your logo on some swag and get the word out about the great work you do
    • Grab a Wichita, Kansas souvenir to say "Wish you were here, but since you're not, at least you know that I'm thinking of you"
    • Add the wedding couple's new names or photo to a unique gift to mark the beginning of their new adventure
    • Pick the perfect baby keepsake gift, something that not only tells new mom and dad that their new tiny human is awesome, but also in 20+ years when the human is no longer tiny, serves as a reminder that they have always been important to you
    • Pick out a "just because" gift for mom, dad, sister, or brother. They dealt with you as a teenager. They have seen some sh*t. Usually sh*t that was your fault. They either covered for you, or maybe they're still recovering from you. Nothing we offer makes up for that one time that one summer, but we can at least help you try.
    • Commemorate a life well lived with a thoughtful sympathy gift or memorial piece. We hate this part. We cry when you walk out the door after ordering. We cry when we're editing photos to put on a keepsake ornament or memorial candle. We cry again, sometimes with you, when you pick it up. Whether it's your person or your pet, we are so honored that you trust us to create a remembrance worthy of the joy they brought you.

    Our roots - it all started with love

    Our owner, Tammy, was one of those weird teenagers who loved her job. At 16, she was working at Monarch Crest Gift Shop, a gorgeous pit stop along Highway 50 smack dab on the Continental Divide. Souvenirs were her favorite sales: customers either wanted a tangible reminder of her beloved Colorado mountains or wanted to share their experience with someone who wasn't along for the ride.

    That's what gifts are, after all, aren't they? Expressions of love.

    Fast forward a LOT of years... After spending a healthy portion of life chasing money and not happiness with corporate manufacturing, design, and marketing careers, she "retired" from a demanding job to stay home with her kids, husband, dogs, and laser doing what she loved.

    Still doing what we love...30+ years later

    Supported by a staff of fun-loving, talented designers and craftspeople working for our main company just a few blocks away, our other online stores keep the manufacturing and design shop busy, but we wanted to grow locally. Wichita Gift Co. was incorporated in 2020, offering Wichitans a local source for personalized gifts with a quick turn time, quality design services, and commitment to customer satisfaction that was born high in the Rocky Mountains in the summers of a long, long time ago!

    That's nice, but what do we actually DO?

    Our shop has a good selection of off-the-shelf items for any occasion, including Wichita souvenirs. We also can personalize any of the items we offer in just a few days - some of the items we can even personalize while you wait. Our site has a huge (though at the moment, partially blank) representation of what we can and do make. If it can be laser engraved, printed, or made with a little elbow grease and light fabrication services, we can probably do it for you, even if  you don't see it on our site. We specialize in personalized tumblers and professionally quality gallery-wrapped canvas, but we love new challenges too.

    Hit us with your best idea and you'll most likely hear,  "Yes, of course", or "Maybe, hold my beer".

    Stop by and say hi if you're in west Wichita. We have (or can make) something perfect for everyone on your list!

  • Welcome to the heart and soul of Wichita Gift Company -- our employees. Our dedicated team, fueled by a passion for making every moment memorable, is eager to share their stories with you. From artisans to dreamers, each member contributes a unique touch, weaving a collective narrative that mirrors the personalized magic we bring to every creation.
  • Our Mission: We turn moments into cherished memories by creating tangible expressions of love and celebration

    Guided by the spirit of family, we are led by a tight-knit mother/daughter team where every member, including our late son and brother, Corey, whose memory we honor with all we do, plays a vital role in crafting heartfelt connections through our personalized gifts. Wichita Gift Co. aspires to be the go-to destination for those seeking unique, personalized gifts that bring smiles, comfort tears, create memories, and elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary.

    United by a passion for creativity and dedication to quality, we are more than a business – we are a family. Each product we create, from custom tumblers to memorial pieces, is a testament to the trust our customers place in us. We take immense pride in this responsibility, recognizing that every order is an opportunity to turn moments into cherished keepsakes.

    With every laser engraving, UV color print, or canvas artwork we design, we infuse the essence of your story into our creations. Whether celebrating joyous occasions or commemorating the life of a loved one, our commitment is unwavering – to deliver not just products, but emotions etched in time.

    At Wichita Gift Co, we understand the power of memories, and it's our privilege to be a part of yours. As a family-driven business, we embrace the honor of turning your sentiments into tangible expressions of love, ensuring that the products we create become enduring symbols of the moments that matter most.

Meet Our Staff


With 35 years of design experience and 15 years behind a laser, there's not a lot she can't make happen with fire, ink, and imagination.

Outside of work, she loves hanging out with her dogs, being out in nature, and being mom to an amazing group of kids who all work for Wichita Gift Co, either at our gift shop or at our production facility. She's also mom to a herd of rescue animals, including Zane, a cat with a metal leg; Izzy, a lab/German Shepherd mix with more personality than brains; Kraken, a chihuahua/schnauzer; and Odie, a pit bull/ lab / bed hog mix.



Skilled in Photoshop, Illustrator, and all things laser, oldest daughter Hannah loves helping our customers create meaningful gifts for any occasion.

In her free time, she cares for a menagerie of pets - 4 rescue cats, lizards, turtle (and opossums who visit her yard), sings with her church choir, and loves exploring God's big, beautiful world with her hubby.

Gift Shop Manager & Special Projects Director


As the baby of the family and a creative genius, Miss Jordan hides behind the scenes, but theres a very good chance the art on your premade product passed through her hands.

She loves a good book, a good garage sale, and she makes a mean cheesecake. Pets include sea monkeys with an incredibly long life span and an army of Squishmallows.

Art Director & Lead Designer


Morgan takes care to make every order she lasers come out perfect. The second-oldest sister, she's the most bougie of our bunch, and she's our secret weapon behind planning the newest way to get your hands on WGC gear - planning our "on the road" events for 2024 and beyond. Even though she appreciates the finer things, diamonds aren't this girl's best friend, Nellie, her fluffy German Shepherd, has her wrapped around her big ol' paw.

Shipping Supervisor / Lead Laser Operator


The face of our gift shop for the last couple years, chances are if you've been to our brick & mortar store, this bright, fun-loving young lady has helped you with your order. She's still with us part time as she expands her career, helping us make custom art and manage customer service. She's not a sister, but she's family! If you stop in, ask her about Lily, her big, beautiful drooling Great Dane best friend.

Customer Service/ Gift Shop


With a passion for photography and an eye for design, James has recently joined our team to help spearhead online growth. He's helping us grow our online Amazon sales, taking some killer photos, and offering his help wherever else he's needed. We might even let him drive the forklift one day :) Jordan hasn't talked him into any furry pets (yet), but he's an excellent co-parent to their sea monkey friends.

Online Sales Manager / Outside Sales


When she's not busy coaching the Wichita Thunder Hockey cheer team, singing at her church, working as a personal trainer, or working her other job, Shelby, our middle child of 5, helps us manage our social media campaigns and throws new product ideas at us. She likes to spend her free time running with Chicken. (He's a long-haired golden Chihuahua she rescued as a stray, so while we still debate his status as a real dog, he's definitely not a bird).

Social Media Manager


December 4, 1997 - September 11, 2022

We lost our only son/brother, Corey, tragically Sept 11, 2022. At the time, he was our UV-printer operator, our ray of sunshine, and he did his best to make everyone smile every day. He loved all animals and knew the names of every single pet his friends owned, as well as every dog in our neighborhood. His favorite was his cat Zane, his snuggle buddy and confidante.


Since he's been gone, his family has been actively speaking about the dangers of fentanyl, educating teens and young adults about the fatality risks of this powerful drug while also meeting lawmakers and politicians to discuss the real impact it's having on families like ours - families that have lost bright, loving kids needlessly. In honor of Corey, our gift shop provides banners, t-shirts, canvas photos, and other items free for fentanyl awareness events we are involved in planning, and we provide them at cost for many other fentanyl awareness events in Kansas.


It is in his memory, with hearts that know exactly what you're going through in your time of loss, that we have begun adding memorial options to most of our custom family artwork and expanding our line of memorial items. Finding small but meaningful ways to preserve others' precious memories helps us cope with our own grief by knowing that our hands are able to create something to help ease others' pain. Every memorial item we make is crafted knowing exactly how precious this keepsake will be to its recipient. We treat your items with all the care, love, and respect we would use to make something to honor our Corey, and we hope you know how deeply honored we are that you've chosen to trust us with the responsibility of making something that will be cherished for a lifetime. As Corey's mom, it's not a responsibility I take lightly.